IASO Group of Hospitals

IASO Group is one of the largest private Healthcare Groups in Greece, with four ultramodern health units, three in Athens and one in Larissa, Filoktitis, the largest Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Athens, thusly providing a complete patient-centered healthcare system.

IASO Group provides all patients with excellent and constantly improving healthcare services by adopting the most highly sophisticated medical practices worldwide, through continuing training and education of the medical, nursing and administrative staff and by investing in advanced medical equipment. All our clinics are ISO and Temos Certified.

  • IASO, General Maternity and Gynecology Clinic (440-500 beds capacity)

mainly covers obstetric and gynecological medical cases, as well a broad range of diagnostic - therapeutic services. IASO has specialized departments for treatment such as radiotherapy (Linear Accelerators - Simulator), brachytherapy department, nuclear medicine (iodine, scans, etc.), imaging (M.R.I. - C.T. etc.), which can treat the whole spectrum of patients.

  • The Pediatric Clinic "IASO Children's Hospital" (80-100 beds capacity)

is a State of the art pediatric clinic, which offers complete healthcare services according to the standards of world-class pediatric hospitals, for children from 3 months old to 14 years old. It features fully equipped organized operating rooms and intensive care units, cath lab, cardiac surgery center and other departments for various to pediatric specialties.

  • IASO Thessalias (250-280 beds capacity)

Is located in central Greece and it is an ultra-modern General Hospital, which covers all surgical, pathological, obstetric and pediatric cases. It consists ofvarious specialized units such as the Intensive Care for Adults and Children, Nuclear Medicine (iodine, scans, etc.), brachytherapy, imaging (M.R.I. - C.T. etc.), Dialysis Units, Radiotherapy Center, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, which are all equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art medical and technical equipment staffed by renowned associate physicians of all specialties.

  • FILOKTITIS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center (180 beds capacity)

is the largest private unit of its kind in Attica, special technological equipment and modern facilities . FILOKTITIS Center has all the necessary, state-of-the-art, instruments to implement comprehensive rehabilitation programs and its whole concept is based on a highly human-centered philosophy. According to that, the person attending a rehabilitation program is essentially a participant and accomplice throughout his recovery process. It’s designed to help all multi-trauma cases as well as burn victims.