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5ο χλμ. Εθνικής οδού Ναυπλίου-Επιδαύρου
21100 Αργολίδα, Ελλάδα
2752 181 800

In 2014, we created a model dialysis center in a historic town: Nafplio. The main objective of the Nafplio Dialysis Center "IKAN" is to provide excellent health services to dialysis patients - complete coverage of needs, with specifications that meet all requirements and expectations.

The most important criterion for the Unit's operation is implementation of the most rigorous prerequisites so as to be able to realize our dream of creating a model dialysis center with European standards and a goal of advancing the quality of life for dialysis patients in the Argolid and beyond.

The Nafplio Dialysis Center "IKAN" was created to ensure both the confidence and security of patients resident in the region, but also to serve patients who want to enjoy their holidays in picturesque Nafplio and the Argolis region (Hermione, Kranidi, Porto Cheli, Poros, etc.). Our foremost commitment is to the total relaxation and psychological wellbeing of inpatients and visiting patients who choose Nafplio Argolis as a key holiday destination.

The focus of our attention is the person-patient and we continue our mission with a profound sense of offering and responsibility.

Our dialysis center provides:

a) a Seropositivity Unit, b) a Dialysis Hall, c) an Emergency Unit

Kokoromiti Georgia, Scientific director

Skarlas Panajiotis, Consultant Nephrologist

Tarantili Anna, Consultant Nephrologist

Eronidou Athina, Head Nurse

Our dialysis center is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008  standard, ensuring quality and safety in all the functions of our center.

Medical Services: 

Our dialysis center provides:

New building facilities.

Experienced medical and nursing staff with many years of experience.

The presence of a nephrology physician during all Unit operating hours.

Free card from the IASIS clinic for unlimited visits to doctors of 15 specialties.

Continuous monitoring by experienced medical and scientific partners (cardiologists, nutritionists, etc. disciplines).

A comfortable dialysis area with the latest high-tech German machines, capable of all dialysis methods, including on line.

Dialysis filters built to German specification using synthetic membranes and state-of-the-art sterilization techniques.

Modern water treatment system to ensure the adequacy of treated water, even in the event of a municipal water supply cut.

Adjustable electric dialysis beds with remote control.

Personal TV with headphones for every patient.

A light meal during dialysis.

Transport of patients to and from the Unit from remote areas of the prefecture (such as Hermione, Kranidi, Porto Cheli, etc.) with the Unit's 12-passenger van configured for disabled persons, as well as an ambulance for emergency patient transport requirements.

Other Services: 

We additionally offer the following amenities:

B. Braun German machines for classic and online dialysis.
Electric adjustable beds with personal TV and headphones.
Snacks (sandwiches – cakes) and drinks.
Free Wi-Fi and tablet provided during dialysis.
12-passenger luxury van for disabled persons.
Ambulance for patients' needs.
Modern water treatment system.
Comfortable waiting areas for attendants and Parking.
Free card from the IASIS clinic for unlimited 
visits to doctors of 15 specialties.
Continuous monitoring by experienced medical and 
scientific partners (cardiologists, nutritionists, etc. disciplines).

5ο χλμ. Εθνικής οδού Ναυπλίου-Επιδαύρου
21100 Αργολίδα, Ελλάδα