Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation Centers are modern health structures with medical and nursing units, specialized medical and rehabilitation equipment and experienced staff (Physiotherapists, Ergo therapists, Speech therapists, Neuropsychologists, Psychopathologists - Clinical psychologists, Social workers etc.) who care for patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral problems. Their goal is for the patient and his/her family to have quality of life, by ensuring the ability of autonomous living for the patient and finally by achieving the personal and professional reintegration of the patient back to the society. This can only be achieved through consistency, regular communication, coordination and methodology of the Rehabilitation team.

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“Anagennisi”, The Physical – Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program for patients with various medical conditions. It numbers 214 beds and  is the largest rehabilitation center in Greece.

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Apolloneio Rehabilitation Center provides integrated medical care services to patients who suffer from diseases of the muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, skeletal and respiratory system and are in the initial or intermediate stage of a disease which causes difficulty in walking, moving and self-s

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“Diaplasis” is a specialized rehabilitation hospital for people who experience motor and functional deficits, caused by illness or injury.

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At Euromedica-Arogi Thessaloniki, our primary goal is to develop a Rehabilitation culture, which will contribute to the promotion of good health and respect for people who are striving to overcome their discomfort and rebuild their life. Since 2010, we offer personalized rehabilitation and recove

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FILOKTITIS Medical Rehabilitation Center is the largest private unit of its kind in Athens, Greece, offering inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services focused on restoring the health and functional abilities of people after acute illness or injury such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, hear

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The Rehabilitation and Restitution Center was founded in 2003 and its new wing opened its doors in 201 1 . The Center is located at the city of Patras and its indoor facilities cover an area of 1 2000m2.

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Theseus is a new Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center located in the center of Athens city, addressing both inpatients and outpatients and with sole objective the maximization of the functional recovery, physical independence and substantially improved quality of life for people with muscu