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Frontis Piraeus - Keratsini Dialysis Center
Leof. Schistou Skaramagka 2-10, keratsini
18757 Κερατσίνι, Πειραιάς
2104 011 530

The Keratsini dialysis centre is housed in a 2,500 sqm, ultramodern building which meets the particular specifications of the Ministry of Health, and has been approved by the Ministry.

It is designed to offer comfort, functionality and quality services for patients with renal insufficiency who are receiving haemodialysis.

The Fresenius medical care 5008S online generation of equipment, which we use in our units, offers a realistic approach to haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration, combining efficiency with simplicity.

The processes of on-line priming, on-line bolus and on-line reinfusion of the patient’s blood are simplified and do not require ready-made bags of rinse solutions.

Our machines provide

  • Complete patient safety with "ultrapure" water thanks to the DIASAFE®plus filter system.
  • Single-needle dialysis
  • Perfectly designed patient’s monitor screen (touch screen, individually adjustable and freely rotatable touchscreen monitor), which, in combination with the machine’s excellent software [(patient card (offline) and/or network integration (online)] provides the best possible ergonomic solutions.
  • Advanced patient monitoring systems

Integrated care including choices between

  • Traditional dialysis
  • haemodiafiltration and
  • on-line haemodiafiltration

Dialysis is carried out using a special filter which cleanses the blood.

In our unit there is an additional

  • Dialysis space, specially arranged for patients with hepatitis B
  • Recovery area for emergency patients

The Dialysis Centre in Keratsini employs 6 nephrologists and one cardiologist with many years of experience in haemodialysis.

The team of physicians working at the centre also include other specialist doctors such as neurologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic specialists, ophthalmologists and vascular surgeons, all with long-standing experience in haemodialysis.

The psychologist works with the medical and nursing staff, and advises and supports patients and those accompanying them.

The Dialysis Centre in Keratsini employs a head of nursing and twenty three specialist, licensed nurses who have significant experience in haemodialysis. 

The Frontis Dialysis Centres apply a Quality Management System, in accordance with the ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We have been certified as complying with the above standard, and we conform strictly to the stringent specifications imposed, thus ensuring top quality services and safe treatment.

Medical Services: 
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease are monitored daily by nephrologists, a cardiologist and by doctors who work with us, e.g. a Vascular Surgeon, Neurologist, Orthopedist and Ophthalmologist.
  • Highly-trained nursing staff
Other Services: 
  • A psychologist provides kidney patients and/or those accompanying them with counseling support
  • Multi-faceted support in cooperation with specialised surgery centres-clinics and diagnostic centres
  • State-of-the-art building facilities, with pleasant reception and hosting areas for patients with kidney failure and those accompanying them
  • Personal TV and Internet at all dialysis beds
Leof. Schistou Skaramagka 2-10, keratsini
18757 Κερατσίνι, Πειραιάς

8, Ethnikis Antistaseos Av. (ex Skaramangas Av.), Keratsini, ZIP 18757, Greece