Private Hospitals & Clinics

The private Health sector operates complementary to the public Health sector, covering at the same time surgical procedures and medical examinations that the public sector is unable to cover, becoming a key factor of public health assurance in Greece. Private Clinics and Polyclinics, are primary and secondary health care providers. Those clinics provide verified patient care, better and safer diagnosis and treatment based on the simultaneous coexistence of many different M.D. specialties, laboratory support for both microbiological and ultrasound-radiology labs, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technological equipment and excellent medical, scientific and nursing staff.

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In the newly built facilities of the “OLYMPION” Private General Clinic of Patra, fully equipped In-patient Cinics and Outpatient Department of all medical specialties, have been operating since 2005.

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Το Ασκληπιείον Κρήτης είναι μια ολοκληρωμένη νοσηλευτική μονάδα που λειτουργεί σε ένα πλήρως ανακαινισμένο κτήριο στο κέντρο της πόλης του Ηρακλείου και έχει εξοπλιστεί με ότι πιο σύγχρονο έχει να επιδείξει η νέα ιατρική τεχνολογία έτσι ώστε να διασφαλίζει διαγνωστικές και επεμβατικές υπηρεσίες υ

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The Athens Euroclinic is one of the most contemporary diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic centers in Greece.

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City Clinic is a contemporary clinic in the center of Athens that brings together modern medical developments to promote health and provide high quality medical services through cutting-edge medical technology, collaboration with distinguished medical staff and the utmost respect for the personal

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The Euroclinic Children’s Hospital is a dedicated children’s hospital located in the center of Athens.


IASO Group is one of the largest private Healthcare Groups in Greece, with four ultramodern health units, three in Athens and one in Larissa, Filoktitis, the largest Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Athens, thusly providing a complete patient-centered healthcare system.

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Our clinic is a nursing home where quality, interest and safety are best suited for you who have preferred us, which is a great honor for us. All of our services are at your disposal in order to protect your health, as well as to help shorten your hospitalization time.