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Ethnikis Antistasis 8
20131 Korinthos, Korinthia, Hellas
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Our clinic is a nursing home where quality, interest and safety are best suited for you who have preferred us, which is a great honor for us. All of our services are at your disposal in order to protect your health, as well as to help shorten your hospitalization time. There is a choice of bed, room and location. In the lux position the escort can stay in the second bed.

The departments of the Joint Clinic of Hora Corinth provide services covering a wide range of medical services:
Midwifery and childbirth
Gynecology department
Breast unit
Papanikolaou Test
Radiological department
Department of ultrasound
Anesthesiology Department
General Surgery
Laparoscopy Surgery
Surgery of otorhinolaryngology
Orthopedic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Clinical or home-based in-therapies
Homemade blood samplings after appointment
Ambulance transport

Medical Services: 

Fetal Embryo Sex Test

Many parents have a keen desire to know as soon as possible if the baby they are expecting is a boy or a girl. This groundbreaking test is now being carried out by the Medi Center in collaboration with special genetic centers providing this information from the 7th week of pregnancy with complete credibility and validity. This test works by detecting the fetal DNA found naturally in the mother's blood, as fetal cells pass into her bloodstream. What it detects is the male embryo-specific chromosome Y. If the Y chromosome is detected, the fetus is a boy. If not, she is a girl.


Department of Home DIagnostic Test

Homemade diagnostic tests are widespread in Europe and the US, as they enable patients to enjoy healthcare and early diagnosis services in their familiar and comfortable environment. The provision of high-level diagnostic, home medical services greatly contributes to early diagnosis of illness and immediate treatment of the patient, supports him / herself and his / her family psychologically, significantly improves the quality of life of the patients because the examinations are done in the intimate and comfortable environment their home


Ethnikis Antistasis 8
20131 Korinthos, Korinthia, Hellas
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